Absentee Ballot Information


Attention voters
If you click on the above link you can print the application and send it to you clerk’s office to sign up for absentee voting. You will be able to vote from home and mail in the ballot. No standing in line and no excuse is needed due to the passage of the ballot initiative in the 2018 election. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact one of the county party officers listed in the main menu of this website. Also, if you need more information you can contact the Michigan Secretary of State’s office where you will find details about the process and also an application that you can print up. In addition, your local clerk has applications available for you to pick up if needed. You can also ask if it is possible to sign up at the clerk’s office for permanent absentee ballot status.
There is no excuse needed and there is no age requirement. All that is needed if for you to be registered to vote, which if you are not, can be done online or at the clerks office as well.