Voting is your SUPERPOWER!

Our office has been re-supplied with Biden/Harris yard signs and we will be open every day this week from 10 AM to 4 so please stop by to pick up some signs. And please take a few to share with your friends and family who you know what one. Plus everyone of these signs that go out come with a Peters sign to put beside it on your lawn.
And please take a few minutes and plan on how you are going to vote. First, are you registered to vote? If not stop by your polling place and do so. Or stop by our offices and we can help you do so.
Next, if your concerned about your health and voting you should be an ABSENTEE voter. If your not, once again go to your voting station now and you can receive an absentee ballot or even vote right then. Yes, with Michigan’s new absentee law you can in fact vote early using this process.
Finally, if your voting on November 3rd make sure you arrive early and if you are in line when the polls close at 8, you still have the right to vote and cannot be denied.
Voting is our SUPERPOWER to change the message coming from the Whitehouse. So take part in this active form of democracy and VOTE.

Are you concerned about your exposure when voting absentee?

Greetings friends, How many of you have already voted?
If you haven’t and are concerned about exposures did you know that you can call your township clerk and request that they come out and pick up your absentee ballot. All persons authorized to pick up your ballot are required to carry credentials issued by the clerk. Do not give your ballot to anyone until you have checked their credentials. The phone number of your clerk’s office is printed with your ballot materials.

Tonight’s Monthly RCDP Zoom Meeting

All are welcome to attend tonight’s monthly meeting of the RCDP on Zoom at 6 P.M. If this is something your interested in please drop me a message before then we will share the meeting ID with you. Be sure to include your email address with your interest in attending.

Due to security reasons we do not give out the meeting ID freely. If you would like to attend please send an email to  before the meeting and we can provide you with the ID and password.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Topic: Yard Signs

Here at the office and through our phone bank efforts we have placed over 400 yards signs here in our county and as far away as Colorado. Our first signs were just Biden signs and then we got 200 Biden/Harris signs. Well those signs are gone now so I just ask you to consider that if you had a Biden and then got the upgrade, pass that Biden sign off to a friend or family member, so we plant another “flag” in our battle to win the White House. Or feel free to drop it back at our office and we will try to find a home for that sign.

A Day (or Two) of ACTION:

We would like to urge each of you who read this posting to reach out to your personal member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Here is Roscommon County his name is John Moolenaar, he represents the MI 4th Congressional District.
Call Rep. Moolenaar offices and suggest he take action to protect the postal service from this president who seems determined to in this time of pandemic, disrupt the safe expression of the voting rights of everyone regardless of what political party they belong to.
Rep. Moolenaar can be reached at both his District of Columbia offices at (202) 225-3562 and his Midland number of (989) 632-2552. We urge you to do so TODAY.

Houghton Lake office is open tomorrow

Our office at 1970 West Houghton Lake Drive in Houghton Lake is open tomorrow from Noon till 3. Stop by to check us out, pick up a sign, or volunteer to help with the BLUE WAVE in Roscommon County.


Office Open in Houghton Lake

We are pleased to announce the opening of our office here in Houghton Lake. During the early part of this campaign season will be open Tues. and Thurs. from Noon till 4. The office is staffed by local volunteers who are working to elect Democrats up and down the ticket.
Our office is at 1970 W. Houghton Lake Drive, unit C. That is right across from the east drive into Wal-mart and McDonalds in Prudenville.
We are starting to get signs and candidate information for your use. If you would like to assist in anyway this is the stop you need to make, volunteers are always welcome. We also will open the office by appointment if you have a need for assistance just drop us a message on this page.

It is never to late to become active!!

Let me get personal here, I am tired of these people who call themselves Republicans. They sit on their hands while the party of the President drives this country off a CLIFF. Now I believe to vote is everyone’s responsibility in our active democracy but WE need more out of YOU who read these pages.

The next step is to put yourself on a ballot and I don’t care if it is as the dog catcher, a trustee, or a run for President. YOU can still do this, it isn’t too late to become a Precinct Delegate. You can file with the County Clerk in Roscommon (or where ever you live) by filing a Declaration of Intent form with the Clerk up until 4 p.m. on July 31st.

A Precinct Delegate is the next step in the process after being a voter. You put yourself out there as a leader in your community and I encourage you to do so. Below are a few words that further explain the role.

I would like to thank you personally for considering this role,

Frank Peshick


What is a Precinct Delegate?

The role of a precinct delegate is one of the most important yet least understood of any elected office. Precinct delegates to serve as a bridge between the Democrats in your neighborhood and the Democratic Party. Additionally, each precinct delegate represents their neighborhood at Democratic Party meetings. It is the active precinct delegate who wins elections for the Democratic Party.

What do Precinct Delegates do?

  • Help Democrats get registered to vote.
  • Take information on issues and candidates to the voters in your precinct.
  • Identify other Democrats, and recruit new Party members.
  • Help turn out the Democratic vote in your neighborhood on Election Day.
  • Keep Democratic leaders informed about the issues that concern voters.