The Shameful Vote on Trumpcare

The Week Ahead
All in on Health Care
They did it. Republicans really did it. 217 House Republicans voted to pass Trumpcare, which will mean real harm for Americans across our nation. Donald Trump owns this bill and worked hard to make it happen so he could get a ‘win’ — a ‘win’ on the backs of millions upon millions of Americans. The 217 Republicans who voted for Trumpcare won’t be able to live it down, and that includes all nine from Michigan – Fred Upton, David Trott, Mike Bishop, Jack Bergman, Tim Walberg, Bill Huizenga, Paul Mitchell, John Moolenaar, and Justin Amash. That’s because they passed a bill that cuts coverage, increases costs, eliminates the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, and guts protections for pre-existing conditions. Click here to see exactly how many people will lose coverage in each congressional district.

With all of that, it’s up to us to make them pay for their absolutely heartless and reckless support of this depraved bill. Republicans in both the House and Senate need to know what their attacks on health care will cost them. Call every one of the Michigan Republicans above and let them know what you think of their selling out of millions of Americans. Keep an eye on email and social media for calls to action. Do everything you can to hold them accountable now, and together, we’ll make them pay in 2018.

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