Get Involved in the Midterms

It’s election season and we have the opportunity to send Trump a message that the people won’t stand for his corruption, dishonesty, immorality, racism, ethnocentrism, and contempt for our allies around the world all done in our names. The Republican party has gone all in and has become the Trump Party. None of them have been willing to stand up to his corrupt administration. That leaves us to exert our influence at the polls by electing Democrats willing to stand up and prevent this serious move toward autocracy.
We as citizens need to accept this responsibility and vote in November, and before that, help friends and neighbors understand the stakes that are involved and encourage them to register if unregistered and then to get out and vote.
We can also participate in local politics by helping the local Democratic Party here in Roscommon. See the contact page to get involved. The Roscommon Democratic Party will have a presence at the Fireman’s Memorial Event September 13th – 15th.
Come see us at the Festival.

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