Impeachment Rally in Cadillac Michigan

Members of the Roscommon County Democratic Party joined a rally in Cadillac Michigan November 17th, one day before the House of Representatives votes on the impeachment of Donald Trump for 2 specific counts of high crimes and misdemeanors. Trump is accused of and found through the examination of factual evidence by the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees of using his presidential power to bribe a foreign leader to interfere in the coming election by requesting the leader of Ukraine start an investigation of a potential Trump opponent. Trump is also accused of obstructing Congress in their duty to hold the executive branch responsible for violations of the presidential constitutional duties which is one of Congress’s main jobs in keeping with the separation of powers. The Senate will determine whether Trump remains or is removed from office. Rally participants are supporting the Constitutional duty of the Congress in insuring that all, including the president, are not above the law.

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