Time To Stand Up

To all of you who are reading this, it is time for all of us who want to protect the rule of law and the Constitutional right to have a say in our governing political institutions to stand up and fight the narrow interests represented by Trump. We are in serious danger of our democratic rights disappearing at the hands of a corrupt and spiteful administration. Don’t be intimidated or bullied into keeping quite. Speak out and defend everyone who wants to vote and have their voice heard. As Frederick Douglass said in the late 1860’s to affirm the new post Civil War America, “A government founded upon justice, recognizing the equal rights of all men; claiming no higher authority for its existence, or sanction for its laws, than nature, reason, and the regularly assert aimed will of the people; steadily refusing to put its sword and purse in the service of any religious creed or family.” It’s time to fight for this America and to reject the nativism, racism, and narrow nationalism that are trying to push the country back to the “Gilded Age” of the 1890’s. Help us get people registered and involved in the political battle and be sure to vote in November. The stars are too high to sit on the fence or bench. Get up and get in the game.

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