Political parties are organizations. If you want to change them you need to get involved. The so called establishment is made up of people who have committed time, energy,financial resources, and tolerance for abuse in an effort to move the country in one direction or another. Parties change, usually slowly, from the current political climate and the actions of member activists. History has overflowing evidence of this. This years rules reflected the concerns of members over the rules that were in place in 2015. All candidates knew them coming in. Like them or not it takes those who are involved to change them. Criticizing from the sidelines is easy but ineffective. If one’s candidate drops out, as mine has done, we tend to be initially upset. Then, we get up, stay involved, and push the remaining candidate toward our position in the various issues. That’s how politics works. We have different views and concerns. To create a winning coalition compromise is necessary. I’m a member of the Democratic Party and have been for many years. I have worked locally and in various campaigns nationally. Dems have divergent view on many issues but believe the country can more in a progressive direction that insures civil, political, and economic equality of opportunity. Those are our values and those are the ultimate values of both Bernie and Joe

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