Fight Back Against the Hate

Protesters in Lansing are protected by the 1st amendment but we have the right to call them out and demand they they respect the law. People’s health is a priority and we should insist that health safety come before the political and economic interests of monied business interests.

Fortunately we have a governor, Governor Whitmer, who puts people first. She understands that businesses are important but the health and safety of the state’s people should be everyone’s concern. We have thousands of dedicated public servants and workers in essential businesses in Michigan who are putting themselves on the line for us all. Let’s spend our time helping them and appreciating their commitment.

Protesting the Governor at the insistence of self interested people should be and will be counterbalanced by millions of people in the state who understand the seriousness of the pandemic crisis and are themselves sacrificing and protecting themselves and others from this disease. Let’s work together to beat this, no matter how long it takes, and no matter how unconvinced we may be.

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