Moolenaar Signed the Lawsuit – Contact his to register your displeasure

Once you get to his webpage click on contact, fill in the contact information, then write your comment.

Here is what I wrote. Feel free to use it as a template if you so desire

Congressman Moolenaar,
The totally politically motivated lawsuit that you signed on to that is being pushed by the Texas Attorney General, who is himself under Federal investigation, is a total disgrace. You need to grow some balls and stand up to the growing threat to our democracy and our constitution that you swore an oath to protect.
The Republican Party of Bill Miliken and George Romney has disappeared and is becoming a fascistic leaning authoritarian joke that will disappear from the US political scene if it continues to lean in to the white supremacy crowd. The party is becoming the new Dixiecrats, That is purely short ranged, morally repugnant, and ultimately disastrous to the party’s future. Attempting a bs move to remove voting rights from people of color to appease a shrinking base is stupid and I’m amazed at you putting your signature of approval on it.
Politics in a democracy is the art of trying to appeal to the people that your way of improving the lives of the citizens and make society better is the correct way to proceed. It’s not by denying the will of the people who spoke loud and clear in this year’s presidential election that trump needed to go. Incompetence and division were rejected. He lost the election by 7 million vote. The people have spoken. You need to accept this and work with the incoming administration to help all of the people.
This is a time for action not obstruction. Lives depend on it.

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