Moolenaar and Rendon – Disgraceful Act Against Democracy

I voted in this past presidential election believing that it would be counted, only to find out recently that both my congressman (John Moolenaar, R-Midland) and state representative (Daire Rendon, R-Lake City) wanted to have it invalidated. Both Moolenaar and Rendon have gone on record as supporting Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s efforts to have the vote in Michigan and other key battleground states invalidated. Why? Because both Donald Trump supporters didn’t like the results.

I, personally, didn’t like the results four years ago when Trump won, but I wouldn’t have dreamed of trying to get the vote overturned. I believe in our election process. I have faith in it. And I think efforts to call it into doubt, when there is no clear reason to do so outside of our own dislike of the results, is dangerous to our democracy. Elected leaders, certainly, should know better. 

Moolenaar and Rendon will give you different reasons for their outrageous actions to usurp our vote but the facts are clear: Those dragging on Trump’s coattails, dirtying themselves as they wallow along his muddy path, have yet to prove widespread voter fraud existed and court after court throughout this country – including those appointed by Trump himself – have dismissively thrown out lawsuits making such claimsbecause they simply lack merit.

The latest doing so was our country’s highest court – the U.S. Supreme Court, which now, replete with Trump appointees, leans conservative but thankfully (unlike Moolenaar and Rendon) wants to protect our voting rights. And well they should. Our ability to vote is really the only way we can make our voices clearly heard and threats to it – such as the current shameful show with Trump as the puppet master and those like Moolenaar and Rendon willingly allowing him to tug on their strings without regard to the rights of those they represent – are threats to our democracy. All of us, Democrat and Republican alike, should oppose any and all threats to it. We are Americans first and political affiliation should fall as a considerably less priority.

More clear-thinking Republicans, such as the leaders of the state House and Senate, refused to sign onto the out-of-control train Trump engineered while trying to undo election results. Moolenaar and Rendon chose to blindly follow along. At best, they were uninformed. At worst, they were spineless politicians who thought basking in Trump’s favorable light would further their political career even if it meant taking away the votes of those they represent.

It is up to us to prove them wrong. We cannot forget their sorry and inexcusable actions. We must respond the best way we can: by our vote when they come up for re-election. I’ll remember. I hope you will too.

Jim Larkin

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