Why Weren’t They Wearing Masks?

Republican lockdown cowards

I believe that one of the reasons that six Republicans didn’t wear masks during the January 6 riot congress lockdown is that they calculated that it could spare them harm. Not from the virus, but from the insurrectionists.

In the Civil War, during battles where one side was being decimated down to the last person, it was reported that some on the losing side of the fight removed the uniforms from the bodies of their dead opponents in order to disguise themselves and escape their impending doom. 

What we saw during the lockdown of members of Congress may not be much different. The six Republicans who refused to wear masks during the lockdown, ostensibly to maintain their past mask-denier political identity, put others at risk to their own benefit.

Imagine what would have happened if the room had been breached by rioters bent on retribution. Those wearing the Trump uniform would be much more likely to be spared bodily harm than those Democrats and staff who had masks on. I don’t believe that this is wild speculation. It was all about them and not about anyone else. These cowards have no place in administering our democratic institutions.

Phillip T. Robinson

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