To the Cult


Did you bow your head as the Trump riot minotaur led his mob companions in ‘prayer’ in the Senate chambers? Did you cheer them all on as they broke down doors and windows and overran the Capitol to hunt down legislators, ransack the place and injure police? Is this the kind of country that you have been rooting for over the past five years as you voted for Trump and sent him money to help him radicalize his followers? Did you smile and lean back as you saw him trash the government, undermine truth, abuse political opponents and cage children?

Did you dump friends and relatives who thought that Trump was evil and who you couldn’t stand to hear from them anymore? If so, maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at the truth and judge individuals and news sources that took advantage of your gullibility, shortsightedness and your character.

It isn’t too late to replace your freedumb with freedom. If you don’t wear a mask in places where you come in close contact with others because you still believe Trump’s lies that masks don’t work, you continue to tell everyone who sees you who you really are.

Phil Robinson

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