4th District Call to Action

January 24, 2021

Greetings Democrats of the 4thCongressional District:

In the seclusion of our homes the COVID virus has given us an opportunity to sit back and reflect on the events of the Election of 2020 and where we go from here. A number of us met virtually to discuss next steps after Congressman Moolenaar’s decision to support the Texas lawsuit. Some may think my response has been slow however; there are logistics to be sorted out to make sure we respond in a beneficial and legal manner. The logistics have been worked out and you will be receiving a survey to select the PR materials, funding will be donations deposited in the 4th CD Federal account. You must also ask yourself, “Will this action benefit a Democratic congressional candidate?”

Next steps. Since November 4th I have experienced a multitude of emotions from celebrating the election of Joe Biden to sheer anger. The reality is that the MDP and the DNC have no idea how to run a campaign in rural America, our votes are either taken for granted or simply not worth their time. The 4th CD is made up of 15 counties and it is time for us to write the playbook and it starts by supporting our local papers. This begins by subscribing and financially supporting them. Sadly local papers are becoming an institution of the past. Local journalists are being laid-off and thus silenced. Local papers are the heart of many communities when it comes to sharing factual information. The press is being silenced by on-line social media. As Democrats we must support them by subscribing, writing letters to the editor, submitting our hosting and/or participation in community events, letting people in our small communities know we are here and that we do support one another.

Our actions start by holding Congressman Moolenar accountable.  We know that he is reading your letters because he is providing press releases that state his support of President Joe Bidden.   If that support was sincere why did he support the lawsuit contesting the election of Joe Biden?   The letters are making a difference.  Thank-you for stepping up.  Your letters are setting the stage and establishing a foundation for Moolenaar’s Democratic replacement in 2022. 

In addition, we need to start planning for 2022 now! We need a congressional candidate that announces early; we need to avoid a primary; and we need to get behind this candidate 100%. As we look at our economic base we know that it is going to take creative fundraising inside and outside of the district to run a successful campaign. Finally, the demographics of the 4th do not reflect a progressive agenda (not an easy statement for me to make). To get elected our candidates need to talk to their families, neighbors, and communities and write their platform based on the needs of their area. This strategy is truly how elections are won. We must focus on what we are not getting from Washington or Lansing.

Please watch for the survey and respond as soon as possible.  Within the next ten days you will receive a notice of a virtual meeting to discuss the results and to brainstorm next steps.  Also, you will soon receive details of the State Central Spring Convention.  Stay well and safe.

Dawn D. Levey – 4th Congressional Chair

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