Celebrate Freedom For All Not Just Those Who Control The Levers Of Power

Freedom is the power to create choices. And to have the power to shape policy is the power to create choices. That is why power is in the hands of the policy maker.

The history of the US is steeped in the struggle for power. Property owning white males were the first. Others were left behind and have struggled since 1776 to create a place at the table where power is exerted and freedom secured. Former male slaves, women, and young people asked to fight but denied the vote have all made great effort to secure their rights to help make the decisions that affect their lives.

It has been a long and difficult struggle with many back steps along the way, but progress has been made and we need to remember those who sacrificed much to get that seat at the table as well as those in the forefront today to ensure that those hard earned rights are not diminished or destroyed. That’s what the 4 of July should symbolize, not just flag waving and fireworks.

Keep up the fight. There are many who would like to move back not forward in this constant effort.

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