Protect Voting in Michigan

The attack on Michigan voting rights continues.

We expect to see the ballot committee “Secure MI Vote,” led by politicians and special interest groups, begin collecting signatures for their anti-voter petition as early as October 1.

And just yesterday, the Michigan House voted to advance two more extreme anti-voter bills that will make our elections more partisan, chaotic, and challenging.

Voters Not Politicians isn’t the only organization that opposes the anti-voter movement growing in Michigan. This week, the bipartisan Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks issued a statement saying the “Secure MI Vote” petition “restricts the right to vote by placing an unjustified burden on voters … and will result in voter disenfranchisement, voter suppression and an increased number of provisional ballots issued and ultimately not counted.”

The intent of the so-called “Secure MI Vote” petition is clear: To make it harder for eligible Michigan voters to exercise their freedom to vote and to create chaos in our state’s elections.

Voters Not Politicians has launched our own ballot committee to fight back against this anti-voter petition drive and to protect the freedom to vote. Our people-powered organization has already made incredible progress. We sent thousands of text messages to voters alerting them that this anti-voter petition drive was happening and we are actively recruiting thousands of volunteers across the state.

We can’t slow down. We need to continue building momentum behind our campaign to protect the freedom to vote and these first few weeks will make all the difference.

That’s why we are setting an ambitious fundraising goal to raise $22,000 before the end of the month to fuel our campaign and to support hundreds of volunteers who are already working to spread awareness and educate voters before they sign this anti-voter petition.

Will you stand with Michigan voters today by chipping in toward our goal to raise $22,000 from grassroots supporters like you to fund this first month of our campaign to protect the freedom to vote?

Each dollar we raise goes towards mobilizing an entire army of volunteers all over the state. Here is how your contribution today can make a difference:

Your contribution will help fund our volunteer recruitment efforts so we can text, recruit, and train new volunteers
Your contribution will help VNP refine our digital system for spotting “Secure MI Vote” circulators and to identify if they are spreading misleading information or lying to potential signers
Your contribution will help VNP print literature and signs to spread awareness
Your contribution will help VNP hire regional organizing staff who support volunteers and volunteer leaders across the state
Voters Not Politicians is working to directly fight back against this anti-voter petition and to protect voting rights in Michigan. If you support Michigan voters, please make a contribution today to make a critical impact during the first month of our Freedom to Vote campaign.

Our freedom to vote is under attack by a group of extreme politicians and political operatives, but together, we will get to work and stop this anti-voter effort in its tracks.

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