Supplemental Spending To Help Meet Needs As Pandemic Persists

Sharing in case you missed this exciting announcement yesterday. Additionally, the legislature finally passed a supplemental spending bill that will deploy some additional federal dollars. There will be billions more to come in the new year with the infrastructure package, and hopefully the Build Back Better act.


Thanks for support and continued partnership. I hope you have a safe and restful holiday season.


Investments Made 

·       $150 million for COVID school testing to keep kids safe and learning in-person. 

·       $140 million for rental assistance to help Michiganders stay in their homes. 

·       $36.3 million to help communities tackle lead, fund water distribution, inspections, blood testing, and more. 

·       $14.1 million for a Nursing Home Strike Teams grant to help older Michiganders stay safe in nursing homes. 

·       $10 million to support teacher recruitment, training, development, and retention. 

·       $6.9 million for Michigan State Police to help them continue protecting public safety. 



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Dear Friend, 

I wanted to make sure you heard the exciting news about a huge win for Michigan’s economy. 

Yesterday, the Michigan Legislature passed game-changing bills that support small businesses and invest in a $1 billion economic development fund to keep Michigan competitive and create tens of thousands of jobs. 

You may remember that earlier this year, one of Michigan’s most iconic businesses announced that they were undertaking massive economic

development projects—but not in Michigan. I sat down with the legislature, labor leaders, and the business community, and we all agreed that as a state we need to step up our game to make Michigan competitive again. So we got to work. We worked across party lines to build from scratch an economic development toolkit that would restore our competitive edge and make sure that Michigan can compete for every job and every dollar out there.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation has several transformational projects in the pipeline amounting to billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs. The legislation that passed yesterday, which I will sign soon, will empower Michigan to win those big, bold economic development projects.  

At the same time, the legislation will deliver $400 million directly to new and existing small businesses affected by the pandemic. This builds on the work we have been doing for over 18 months to help small businesses thrive, including setting up 23 economic relief programs delivering over $240 million to small businesses in all 83 Michigan counties.  

This is the dawn of a new day for Michigan’s economy, and I am so proud of everyone who came together to put politics aside to deliver this extraordinary win for Michiganders. I look forward to signing these bills soon, and I will continue working to put Michiganders first and deliver meaningful change on the kitchen-table priorities that make a difference in people’s lives.  


Governor Gretchen Whitmer

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