2022 Endorsements

Governor- Gretchen Whitmer

Lieutenant Governor- Garland Gilcrest

Secretary of State – Jocelyn Benson

Attorney General – Dana Nessel

Member of Congress – 1st District – Dr Bob Lorinser

Michigan Senator- Joel Sheltrown

Michigan House – Adam Wojdan

Michigan Board of Education – 2 spots – Pamela Pugh and Mitchell Robinson

Michigan State U Board of Trustees – 2 spots – Dennis Dennis and Renee Knake Jefferson

University of Michigan Board of Regents – 2 spots – Mike Behm and Kathy White

Wayne St U Board of Governors – 2 spots – Danielle Atkinson and Marilyn Kelly

Nonpartisan Judical

Michigan State Supreme Court – 2 spots – Richard Bernstein and Kyra Harris Bolden

Judge of District Court – Incumbent Judge Troy Daniel


22-1 Requiring Annual Public Financial Disclosure by legislators and other state office holders & 12 total term limits for the legislature – VOTE YES

22-2 Right to vote without harassment, voter right to verify identity with ID or signed statement, single application to vote absentee in all elections, state funded drop boxes, only election officials can conduct post election audits, 9 days of in person early voting, allow donations to fund elections that must be disclosed, require canvas boards certify election results based only on official records of votes cast. – VOTE YES

22-3 Amend State Constitution To Establish Individual Right to Reproductive Freedom, to make all decisions about pregnancy and abortion, allow state to regulate abortion in some cases, and forbid prosecution of individuals who exercise their established right. VOTE YES