Latest on Redistricting

Most of you are probably aware of the latest word on redistricting. As it stands right now, Roscommon County is now part of the US Congressional 1st district which includes all of the UP…we are on the southern border of that district. It appears that a Doctor from the UP is the only Democrat who is interested in attaining the democratic nomination for that seat; the current sitting Republican has yet to commit to seeking reelection. Like Moolenaar, he signed the Texas initiated petition to overturn the election results of the last presidential election in Michigan.It looks like we will also be part of the 36th State Senator District which covers the NE portion of the lower Peninsula. This is the area that Joel Sheltron has expressed an interest in seeking the Democratic nomination.We will lose Ogemaw County and part of Kalkaska County from our state rep district as we join the 105th, but will gain Gaylord’s county in our new state rep district.Alpena becomes a favorable addition to both our Congressional and State Senatorial districts. Gaylord also becomes part of our state rep district which should be helpful just because of the organizational aspects of the Dems in this area.I would suggest that we reach out to the two county parties to create a joint effort which should result in getting more support from Lansing, Grand Rapids, Flint, and even Detroit. This has already begun with Gladwin County’s picnic that had 3 top notch State Reps show up to a multi-county picnic

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