Gabby Giffords Comments On The Blatant Racist Killings In Buffalo NY

Earlier today, a young man motivated by

hate and enabled by easy access to weapons of war walked into a Buffalo supermarket and killed 10 people.

He live-streamed it all. 

The shooter was apprehended by the police. He was wearing body armor and tactical gear. Walk into an NRA convention and that’s exactly what you’ll find on display.

He posted a manifesto online about his racist worldview about “replacement theory.” 

People sometimes use words like “unthinkable” or “unimaginable” about events like these, but the tragic reality is we are all too familiar with this type of terror. We know that the shooter in Buffalo was not alone in his worldview and commitment to violence.

And sometime, sooner or later, we will see more images of police clearing an area around a school, a church, a movie theater, or a shopping center, as families rush toward the scene desperate for information about their loved ones.

Once again, my heart breaks for the victims of this shooting, their families and their friends. But that will never be enough.

Once again, our anger is with those who know how to stop this but fail to act out of cowardice and fear of the gun lobby money that fuels their campaigns. Time and time again they consciously make the decision to prioritize the profits of gun manufacturers ahead of the safety of our communities. 

We are the only industrialized country on the face of this Earth that forces our citizens to live this way. 

We can change this.

We can save lives.

And if this Congress refuses to act, then we must elect one that will.

With courage,

Gabby Giffords

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