Passed in the Michigan Senate

I wanted you to be the first to know. Moments ago, the Senate passed a substantial tax credit increase for working families, taking a huge, historic step towards putting more money in the pockets of Michiganders who need it most.

This increase from 6% to 30% will give an average of $600 more to Michigan’s working families and generate $553 million for small businesses and local economies in rural, suburban, and urban parts of our state.

The last Republican administration made Michigan nearly last in the country. Now, Democrats are moving toward making our state a national leader in creating better opportunities for economic stability across all 83 counties:

Michigan families will have more money to support their local small businesses and increase investments in their communities
Almost half of Michigan children will realize improved outcomes; healthier groceries, better clothes, and newer school supplies will set up our younger generations with a stronger foundation for their future
Local economies will grow as participation in the workforce increases — lifting families out of poverty, creating a more stable and secure future for our residents and economy alike

As inflation increasingly moves essential items like groceries and auto repairs out of reach for too many, it’s more important than ever that we work to make Michigan a better place, especially for those who are struggling. And after nearly four decades of GOP policies that benefited the richest among us, I am honored to pass legislation that actually supports the Michiganders that need help the most.

This is just the beginning of the progress that will be made with our new Majority. From all of us in the Michigan Senate, thank you for electing the first Democratic majority in four decades. We don’t take for granted the trust you have placed in us and will work tirelessly for the people of Michigan.

Thank you,

Senator Kristen McDonald Rivet

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