An URGENT Call to Action

Friends and neighbors in Roscommon County, this is an urgent Call to Action: On March 22 the Roscommon Board of Commissioners (BOC) will meet and on their agenda is a resolution titled RESOLUTION SUPPORTING AND AFFIRMING THE 2ND AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. You can read this resolution by clicking on following link and dropping down to page 27.

Each of us have our own opinions about the US Constitution and its Amendments but this is a statement that creates what is known as an 2nd Amendment Sanctuary within Roscommon County. That is what it really is despite what is titled in the resolution. Each of us may have an opinion about this topic and we urge you to share those opinions with the BOC as a whole or individually with your District Commissioner. Included in this message is contact sheet that details each commissioner’s district and contact information that includes both email addresses and phone numbers.

This is a time sensitive Call to Action because after a member of the BOC made a presentation during their last work session it now has become an action item with little time for public comment on this issue. So please make your voices heard by attendance at the meeting next Wednesday at the County Commissioners meeting, or a phone call, a text message, or an email to any of the addresses provided.

Contact information for the Roscommon County Board of Commissioners (BOC)

District 1 David Russo-Chairman of the BOC Represents the Townships of Lake, Lyon, and Markey
E-mail: Phone: (989) 302-3003 (personal line)

District 2 Eric Ostergren Represents the Townships of Gerrish and Higgins
E-mail: Phone: (989) 859-8791 (personal line)

District 3 Rex Wolfsen Represents the Townships of AuSable, Backus, Richfield, and part of Denton
E-mail: Phone: (989) 387-0068 (personal line)

District 4 Marc Milburn-Vice Chair of the BOC Represents the Townships of Nester and Roscommon
E-mail: Phone: (989) 202-5020 (personal line)

District 5 Darlene Sensor Represents the Township of Denton
E-mail: Phone: (989) 366-7212 (work number)

A group email address for the BOC is
The phone number for the BOC office is (989) 275-8021

Any questions, concerns, or thoughts feel free to share here or call the Roscommon County Democratic Party at (231) 818-8021 or (989) 302-0534.

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