The Roscommon County Commission Vote On The Ostergren Sponsored Gun Sanctuary Resolution

The vote was 3 to 2. Milborn and Sensor voted against it based on the wording saying “any law” as opposed to laws restricting guns rights.

Several spoke out against it. Chairperson Russo was the tie breaker, who later claimed it wasn’t a political issue. The people that spoke in favor of the resolution apparently have drunk the Faux News Koolaid, as the “facts” they mentioned were propaganda talking talks. There is a huge disconnect between what is reality and what people believe to be true.

Let’s not forget this vote. Pass the word to friends and family in our community and suggest that the call or email their commissioners thanks those who stood up for sensible gun reform and disappointment in those who voted for this politically motivated proposal. 

You may want to write a short piece and submit it to the editor, Eric Hamp, at the Houghton Lake Resorter letting his readers in our community that we are not pleased with the decision made by the commission. 

Thanks for your concern regarding this important issue in our society. Deaths due to gun violence is expanding and can potentially affect us all. In the esteemed opinion of 3 of our commissioners we need more than the 300,000,000 guns in our society than we do now. They haven’t made me safer. How about you?

Steve Martin -RCDP

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