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Time and again, Michigan voters have demonstrated their support for secure and accessible elections. This week, the Michigan House of Representatives Elections committee began discussion on five bills that will increase accessibility and support clerks as they administer our elections.

Call your House Representative today to urge them to vote yes on these important bills.

The five pro-voter bills include:

HB 4594: Enhanced Ballot Tracking (Wegela), is a Prop 22-2 implementation bill that improves the system by which voters can securely track and monitor their absentee ballot.

HB 4569: Pre-registration for 16-year-olds (Coffia), adjusts the current law which allows pre-registrations for those 17.5 years old. Several states currently allow this process, which helps motivate young people to get engaged in their democracy as soon as they are able to vote at 18 years old.

HB 4570: Online Absent Voter application (Rogers), codifies the system currently in place under MI Department of State for applying for an absentee ballot online and allows voters to upload and save digital signatures for identity verification. A voter is still required to return a paper ballot to their local Clerk’s office.

HB 4568: Repeal ban on paid ride to polls (Whitsett). Michigan is currently the only state with a ban on providing paid rides to the polls. This commonsense bill would eliminate that ban.

HB 4567: Remove some extraneous ‘challenged ballot’ provisions (Tsernoglou), repeals a provision that requires voters who register within 14 days of the election using anything other than a MI driver’s license to be issued a challenged ballot. The repeal has been requested by local clerks as the provision creates an unnecessary burden on clerks and voters in specific communities. Voters Not Politicians supports removing this extraneous provision, and streamlining the voting process for all voters and election administrators. This change does not remove voter ID requirements or change voter identification procedures.

The legislative text for each of these five bills can be found here.

Election officials are preparing to implement the requirements of Prop 22-2. They are facing rising costs and condensed timelines to administer elections. Michigan voters deserve secure and accessible elections, and these five bills are a step in the right direction.

Steven, please call your State House Representative to tell them you support HB 4567, HB 4568, HB 4569, HB 4570, and HB 4594.

After your call, please document your calls and responses on this form.

Call your State Representative Ken Borton at (517) 373-0829

Please personalize the script below during your call.

“Hello! My name is Steven Martin and I am a constituent of state House District 105. I’m calling to say that I support HB 4567, HB 4568, HB 4569, HB 4570, and HB 4594 and I am looking forward to more pro-voter, pro-democracy passing the MI Legislature in the coming months. Thank you.”

** After you make your call, it’s important that you fill out this form so we know how many calls went to each office as well as how each legislator plans to act on this important legislation. ** This allows us to assess where we need to continue to build support and/or apply pressure.

Thank you for taking action on behalf of all Michigan voters. If you have any questions, please email me at

Kim Murphy-Kovalick

Director of Advocacy Programs

Voters Not Politicians

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