Virginia Briefing Tonight 7pm ET, Dems Just Keep Winning Elections Across US

As we are dragged into a few more days of MAGA chaos here in DC, a reminder about a few things: 

  • What many say is the Fed’s important measure of inflation came in at a very low number last week, returning back to pre-pandemic levels. This makes future interest rate increases far less likely, and is another sign of just how well America has managed the recovery from COVID and the global inflation brought by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and OPEC’s continued price hikes. While things have been tough here, as this strong Biden ad reminds us, we are getting to the other side. 
  • A new very high quality national tracking poll has Biden up 45-40over Trump. We got a good new poll of Hispanic voters from Univision. A new CNN poll of New Hampshire has Biden up over Trump 52-40 (!!!). A new series of polls has Biden up over Trump by 3-4 points in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. A new poll has us up in Virginia 40-37. Despite the noise, I feel good about where we are. 
  • Joe Biden is a good President. The country is better off. The Democratic Party is strong, and we keep winning elections across the US. They have Trump, and MAGA, and Gaetz, and McCarthy. Who would you rather be?

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