Republicans Do Not Deserve To Have A Majority In The House

I hope all are seeing the chaos that the Republicans in the House of Representatives are foisting on the country and the world. They are intent on pushing a disgraced former president into power in once again. This is a man who threatens those who refuse to follow his dictates and who lies continually to raise money to defend his many crimes for which he is finally being held responsible for.

This is taking place at a intensely dangerous time in our world. We need a party in control that looks out for all people not just cult members.

Please do what you can to help in the quest of us, the Democratic Party, to win next year and continue to represent all the people.

There are way too many domestic and foreign issues to deal with that republicans have no solutions for. Many of the political leaders are not offering alternative solutions to problems in the context of democratic governance but rather they are just against government all together and offer no solutions or policy suggestions that could help us come together to move the country snd the world forward.

As a 75 year old retiree I would like nothing better that to be able to read, attend to family, and watch TV. The future is at stake and our kids and grandchildren will inherit what we leave behind.

Apathy at this time in our history is not acceptable. We all have personal issues that must be attended to but we must take a bit of time to work together to help put this country back on track. What will result if we don’t is too horrific to contemplate.

We don’t want to be in a position where we may say, “if I only did a bit more, maybe things would be better “.

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