GDP Growth Comes in at 4.9%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OCT 26

GDP Growth Comes in at 4.9% in the 3rd Quarter!!!!!– More remarkable economic news. Strength, dynamism, success of US economy remains perhaps the most important story in our politics today. You can do a deep dive on all the new data here

Part of the driver of this big number was strong consumer spending, another sign that Americans are not down and distressed. This “everything is terrible” narrative about the economy is increasingly feeling to me a lot like the false red wave narrative in 2022. Not all the economic data is pointing in the same direction, and there is a great of data showing that people are content in their work and lives, spending money, aware that things are not as bad as many say. While this has been a challenging time, America is kicking ass and we should be loud and proud about it all peeps. 

More of our work on the remarkable American economy and the even more remarkable American workers making it all possible: 

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