Another Good Night for Democrats, Another Super Shitty Night for Republicans

Simon Rosenberg


We are having another really good election night. As we did in 2018, 2020, 2022 and as we’ve had night after night across the country this year. The Democratic Party is very strong right now. The Republicans are in deep trouble. Dobbs and treason I’ve called it. Each of these things on their on their own could keep them from power for years. But they’ve done two of them, and re-nominated Trump, and made an insurrectionist and extremist Speaker, and…..they deserve to lose next year, badly, which is why we need to be shooting not just to win, but to get to 55

More tomorrow, but we as say here, take the wins when they come, and tonight we have a lot to celebrate. 

So grateful to all of you have who have worked so hard on these elections these last few years. We are making a difference, a big difference. So inspiring, and gratiftying, to be in community with all of you.

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