It’s 2024 – Let’s Get To Work!

2023 was a very good year for us. Let’s make 2024 even better



Happy New Year all! A few things today: 

We Ended 2023 On A Real Upbeat Note – The news in the last few weeks has been remarkably encouraging – stock market hits all time highs, prices *fell* last month, mortgage rates keep dropping and interest rates are coming down next year, economic growth remains robust and wage growth/new biz starts and prime-age worker participation rates remain at highly elevated levels, gas prices and rents are coming down, crime and murder rates plummeted across the US in 2023, and renewable and domestic oil production broke records last year. We also saw consumer sentiment spike up, and December polling for Biden and the Dems improved. Congratulations everyone. America and the Democratic Party enter 2024 in really good shape. 

As we often discuss here, 2023 was a very good year for us in elections across the US, as 2022 was too. Despite our many challenges, Joe Biden has clearly fulfilled his central campaign promise in 2020 – to get us to the other side of COVID, successfully – and we have ended 2023 swimming in promising news. It’s a great way to start 2024, and is yet another reason why when it comes to the elections this year I would much rather be us than them! 

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My Core Electoral Narrative Is Breaking Through – It’s been a remarkable few weeks for our core 2024 narrative: 

Joe Biden is a good President. The country is better off. The Democratic Party is strong and winning elections across the US. And they have Trump. 

Last week MSNBC digital featured my op-ed I, Biden’s 2024 chances are much stronger than people realize, which advanced our narrative. President Biden talked about one of my 2024 Hopium posts at a DNC fundraiser right before Christmas. I took our big, optimistic argument into MSNBC interviews with Lawrence O’DonnellWillie Geist on Morning Joe, and with Alex Witt on Saturday. A clip of that interview, created by Christopher Webb, follows: 

My insights into the 2024 election have also been featured in recent weeks in articles in NBC NewsNYTimesWall Street JournalWashington PostJennifer Rubin’s Washington Post columnPoliticoPolitico againUSA TodayYahoo NewsVanity FairNew RepublicPuckNewsweekThe HillVoxNational Journal and the Washington Examiner

I am working hard to make sure our optimistic take on American politics is being heard, and I’m excited about the impact we are having in traditional, mainstream media right now. It’s another way we’ve enter 2024 with real momentum. 

Our Electoral And Political Work in 2024 – Please Volunteer, Donate, Promote! – Here we go folks. The 2023 elections are behind us, and 2024 has officially begun! We kick it off 2024 with a really important Florida House special election in just two weeks. Please sign up for a volunteer shift or donate today. Here are the projects and campaigns I’m recommending right now: 

Happy New Year all. Hope you got some rest, recharged, and are ready to go do the work we need to do in 2024. The American people are counting on us, we have lots of Hopium to spread and I am excited to get going! – Simon

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