We Are Kicking Their Ass All Over The Country, The Great MAGA Meltdown


FEB 15

Happy Thursday all. A few things for you today: 

“We’re Kicking Their Ass All Over The Country”- Still savoring our big win Thursday night. Congratulations to all of you for the role you played in helping Tom Suozzi win. Thousands of you here volunteered – made calls, texted, wrote postcards, canvassed and spread the good word about Tom through your networks. Together we raised $115,000 from 2,073 of you. When I asked you at 630pm on Tuesday night to make a final round of GOVT calls almost 250 of you responded – just amazing. Thank you all for what you helped do for the country on Tuesday. 

For those of you heard Tom’s victory speech you heard him thank the grassroots for rallying for him from all over the country. I know from talking to him and the campaign that they are very aware of the power of what we and all the other grassroots groups in the country are building, something I believe is the most powerful Democratic machine we’ve ever had. As I wrote yesterday, the emergence of this new grassroots – hundreds of thousands of proud patriots who are not letting their freedoms and democracy slip away – is a central reason we keep performing at the upper end of what’s possible in election after election all across the country in three calendar years now. 

In this clip from the Last Word on Tuesday night I talk about how this new, muscular grassroots – all of you – are ensuring that we “kick their ass all over the country.” Please watch. 

Let’s Do More, Worry Less – I’m not sure what is next for us here, for what some of you have called the Hopium Cavalry. We’ve played meaningful roles in some of our most important wins in the past year – the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Jacksonville, Ohio ballot initiatives, Virginia, Tom Keen in Orlando, helping get the abortion ballot initiative on the ballot in Florida (fingers crossed), and now NY-3. Many of you have worked on other critical wins too – thank you.  Read my post that spells out how I aa pproaching 2024, about getting to 55 and growth and expansion. Helping Joe Biden and the NC Democratic Party remain high priorities for us – donate if you can, today. 

I’m going to take a week or so to talk to folks, get up to speed on races across the country and come back with some new recommendations soon. But remember, our work here in my mind is meant to supplement work you do at home, or with other grassroots groups or Democratic parties you may be involved with. I am never going to ask you to do a lot, as I know many of you are already involved in other organizations, campaigns and projects. So what I do here is only recommend actions that I think are of the absolute highest strategic and political value, that give us the greatest return. My recommendations will always be conservative, narrow, distilled and not deep and wide. My old organization, NDN, was for 10 years a PAC which only endorsed in and raised for swing races across the country – so I have a lot of experience in this process of distilling down, finding the biggest bank for the buck. For those of you are paid subscribers, it’s great to see you discuss in our chat ways of being meaningfully engaged beyond Hopium, as we all the want the same thing – to make sure the work we do has the greatest impact, that our time and money are well spent. 

Finally, I want to mention, briefly, something I think about all the time. Watching all of you do the work, speaking to the groups I speak to several times a week, connecting with all of you on Zooms, Twitter, our chats – it’s just deeply inspiring. I really believe that this process of doing the work is creating a much deeper connection to our country and our democracy than perhaps many of us had before. It is as Heather Cox Richardson describes it “an awakening,” a movement, something bigger and more powerful than any of us. And it’s growing, getting stronger, becoming bigger and more powerful. We are all part of something deeply, deeply meaningful and important, for together we are working to make sure our that the freedoms we all inherited are there for our kids, our grandkids and for the people of the world. Other than perhaps military service, there is no more important work in a democracy, no higher form of patriotism, no more powerful way to express your love of country than the work we are doing, together; and I am deeply proud and honored to be in this fight with all of you.

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