George Romney and William Miliken Are Spinning In Their Graves

Sen Hoitenga,

   Your political party has become a unfortunate joke bowing down to a misogynist, narcissistic, ethnocentric, psychopath, con man who uses the party for his own personal benefit. He has zero commitment to help the vast majority of the working and middle class population of the country and seeks to destroy our international alliances that has kept the country and the world out of a worldwide conflict since WWII. 

   When are members of your party going to stand up to this disastrous man?

    It is increasingly obvious that unless the Republican Party begins to separate from Trump, Orban, Putin, and other authoritarian dictators it will die and have to be resurrected as a more centrist party or it will disappear from the political scene. 


Your constituents

Higgins Lake

The above is a note I sent to the Michigan State Senator Michelle Hoitenga. When receiving political correspondence from her, let her know how you feel.

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