Thurs, 8pm ET – Ruben Gallego Joins Hopium Live – Register Today!

We Have A Special Event This Thursday – A Live Campaign Update from Rep. Gallego


MAR 20


Adding a late breaking special event this Thursday night at 8pm ET – Rep. Ruben Gallego, our candidate for Arizona Senate, will be joining us live. Register for our event here, and a recording will be available for those of you who can’t make it live. 

As the Hopium community knows we are raising money for Ruben right now as Senator Sinema’s late exit from the race has left Ruben a bit behind in money and organization. Our community has already raised over $62,000 for Ruben in the last 2 weeks – thank you all. I’m hoping we can get to $100,000 by his March 31st all important filing deadline. This race, and the money we are raising, really matters. 

I’ve known Ruben for a long time, and he is running a great campaign. He is ahead in recent polling, and can and should win if he gets the support he needs. Arizona is one of the most important 2024 battlegrounds – a close Presidential state, a key Senate race, critical House and state legislative races. We are in the midst of a good run in Arizona, and have the opportunity this year to do even better than our strong showings there in 2018, 2020 and 2022. 

So come meet Ruben.  Give to his campaign. And let’s make sure, together, we keep gaining ground in this critical battleground. See you Thursday, and keep fighting hard all – Simon

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