Make Calls To Bergman Telling Him To Support Ukraine

Simon Rosenberg

Make Calls For Ukraine – Last night Speaker Mike Johnson committed to a plan that could bring up for a vote to fund Ukraine as early as this Friday. This is very good news. We don’t know if we will get there, cleanly, by Friday but I am asking everyone in the Hopium community to call their Member of Congress today to let them know – regardless of party – that you want them fighting hard to get this passed this week. House offices need to hear from us. We need to be loud here folks and help create the momentum that unlocks this critical support. And plan on calling again tomorrow, and Thursday and Friday too. The stakes here are so high, and we just need to get this done. 

Whatever else you do today, please find a bit of time to make calls for Ukraine. These brave people who have staved off Putin over the past two years deserve our support, and deep abiding gratitude. They have lost so much. Fought so hard. We need to be there, by their side today, tomorrow and until the job is done. Please make calls for Ukraine today. 

The Old Orange Guy Fell Asleep Before Lunch – Here’s the NYT Maggie Haberman on CNN from yesterday. Be sure to watch: 

Trump is having a very bad April. Biden’s poll numbers are clearly improving and he’s lost his lead. Though his own idiocy he’s confirmed that he’s the most dangerous abortion extremist in America. He’s now attempting to walk back his calls for overturning the ACA (LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!). His new scammy company is in a death spiral. His bond for his massive fraud judgment may have issues. Rudy’s fine of $145m and his political ruin was just confirmed by a judge. Trump is now wearing more makeup than a drag queen, and achieving new levels of orange never seen before in nature. It is still fair game to call him a rapist. As I discussed yesterday, due the success of the Biden Presidency, his central attacks on Biden are evaporating, and the election is in the process of moving from a referendum on Biden to a referendum on him (very bad). Yesterday, in front of the national media, at the very first criminal trial of a former American President, the dude feel asleep, before lunch. Just OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s my brief segment with Lawrence O’Donnell last night talking about Trump’s unbelievably idiotic handling of his allies’ stripping away the rights and freedoms of women in Arizona and Florida: 


Joe Biden is a good President. The country is better off. 

The Democratic Party is strong, unified, raising tons of money and winning elections all across the country. 

And they have Trump – the ugliest political thing any of us have ever seen. 

From the FT today – “US to grow at double the rate of G7 peers.” Congrats everyone!

More on the bluer 2024 election:

  • My Latest Take on Where Things Are (Video, 4/10/24) – This is my latest overview of where we are in the 2024 election and why I am so fundamentally optimistic. The post also has a deep dive on recent, encouraging polling data. While it remains a close, competitive election, things have gotten bluer in recent weeks, and Trump no longer leads.
  • My Interview With the NYT – Here’s my interview with Adam Nagourney of the New York Times. It’s gotten a lot of attention. Do read. Lots of great stuff in here!
  • Deep State Radio Podcast with David Rothkopf and Tara McGowan – every few weeks I get together with my good friends David and Tara for a review of the latest in the 2024 election. Do listen, this is always a great podcast with two of the smartest people I know.

Check out this new Biden digital ad, “Scranton.” It’s really good: 

I crunched some numbers last night. Of 22 national polls released since March 25th, Biden leads in 9, Trump in 8, and they are tied in 5. Trump no longer leads in this election, Biden is gaining ground (as I showed yesterday), there are now polls with us ahead in MI, PA and WI, we had very encouraging polling in NC last week and two thirds of recent Congressional Generics have us ahead. We have a lot of work to do, and a long way to go, but right now, in every way imaginable, I would much rather be us than them.

Hopium Member Lee File, “Loud and Proud” – Hopium community member Lee File left this encouraging messageon our chat the other day. Enjoy! 

I just got off a catch-up call with a family member, a life-long Republican who told me today she is now “for choice” (!). She will not vote for Donald Trump, is completely disgusted with him and has changed 180 degrees. Bringing up the issue of “age” she said she wished we had younger candidates. I asked if she had voted for the young candidate in 2008. She admitted she hadn’t (good point, she said) but added, “I was actually happy he got elected.” I mentioned Biden is the only person to ever beat Trump, and giving up incumbency is never a good idea (her husband was a State Senator, she knows). “But, that’s why we have Vice Presidents. No matter what happens to a President there is someone standing in the wings; and we have a great one in Kamala Harris,” I said. She really had not thought of that. I cannot get over the joy I feel knowing this person, once all-in, a generations-long GOP family legacy, is now a pro-choice Biden voter. One at a time, everybody. There must be more of these folks everywhere. As Simon keeps telling us, we can do this. Loud and proud.

Yes, loud and proud people!

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