Monthly Meeting Update

I received this meeting update from Frank Peshick. I thought I would send it along as some of you may be planning to attend.
Thanks for your understanding,
Steve M

Due to a screw-up on my part we will hold the Meet and Greet at the Tee Box Lounge at 3535 W. HOUGHTON LAKE DRIVE (just west of Dumhams Sports) from 4-5:30. We will meet at 6 for the Monthly RCDP meeting at the OLD Denton Twp Hall.

If you might call it a change of venue for the Meet and Greet.
Thank you for your patience…
I will update FB page
Frank Peshick

Hi all,
The following is information on the next monthly meeting of the RCDP (Roscommon County Democratic Party). 
We are gearing up for important Presidential and Congressional elections this year. 
We look forward to seeing you. I will be increasing my communications with you as things move forward. There will be events and opportunities to help out in the campaign and I will do my best, as an old timer, to keep you all in the loop. 
Thanks for all you do,
Steve M
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 989-390-4159

Meeting notice for the RCDP (meet Dr. Bob)

On Wednesday April 24th Dr. Bob Lorinser will be visiting Roscommon County. Dr. Bob (as he likes to be called) is a candidate for the U.S. House for Michigan 1st Congressional District. He will be introduced at the meeting of the County Commissioners that morning, visit one of our Senior Centers for lunch, and will be at a “meet and greet” prior to our monthly business meeting at the Old Denton Township Hall in Prudenville at 4 p.m.

This is the second visit of Dr. Bob to Roscommon County as he strives to win the seat for the U.S. House and take it away from the incumbent Republican who currently is seated. The 1st District represents all of the U.P. and the northern half of the lower peninsula. Dr. Bob is from Marquette in the U.P. and has a lifetime of experience including family and ER physician, a public health official, and 5 oversea assignments with the State Department as a Medical Officer. 

We are hoping that you might be with us at one of these stops and speak to the candidate, asking questions and sharing your issues so he might be aware of the needs of you, the voter.

After the Meet and Greet we will open our monthly meeting of the RCDP as we plan for the upcoming election season. If you have any questions about these events, call Frank at (989) 302-0534

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