April Monthly Meeting Agenda – Hope To See You There

April 24th RCDP Meeting

Call to Order (6 p.m.)

·      Stand for the Pledge

·      Greet our guests 

·      Our day with Dr. Bob

Officer Reports

·      Sec. Kim Daniels

·      Tre. Diane Skop

·      Co-Ch. Jolie Booser

·      Ch. Frank Peshick

o  May 7th Filing

o  W,W,D,W,B,W (names)

194 days till Nov. 5

·      Office Space (TBD)

·      Volunteers

·      Efforts (ph bank, postcards)

·      Events (need to start now)

·      Contact to other campaigns

·      Local Candidate Support

What’s next on our calendar?

·      Weekly Zoom (Wednesday at 7)

·      Next Meeting 5/22

·      Coffee Hours TBD?

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