Happy Juneteenth

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Reflections on Freedom And The Conflict We Are In – As Juneteenth is still a new holiday, I’m not sure I’ve given it the reflection and study it so clearly deserves. So let me speak to this profound holiday by sharing my close to our most recent gathering of Hopium paid subscribers. It is video above. In it I talk about FDR’s establishment of freedom as the founding value of the modern world, and of the modern Democratic Party; and how this ongoing struggle between freedom and dominion over another has become once again the defining struggle of our time. 

I also reflect this morning, sorrowfully, on the Party of Lincoln’s historic choice to respond to the Civil Rights era in the 1960s by abandoning it’s central mission of racial reconciliation and adopting a politics of exploitation of white racial fear. That decision, the purposeful adoption of what became known as the Southern Strategy, is, in retrospect, one of the great tragedies in American history. 

So while we celebrate freedom and Juneteenth today, we also must mourn the loss of the Party of Lincoln to some of the most virulent racists and xenophobes in American history. As I discuss in my talk above, we are here now, in an extraordinary fight for freedom against forces who champion dominion, and we all understand that victory is our only option. That’s why we are here at Hopium, why we do the work. For the stakes are high, and simply, freedom must once again prevail. 

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