Debate, and Biden’s Clear Gains in New Polling, The Election Is Entering A New Phase

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JUN 21

Happy summer solstice all, and Friday too. This has been a travel day for me so a slightly shorter than usual post. Got some good stuff for your weekend reading, viewing and listening pleasure and a huge hearty thank you to the intrepid and successful Wisconsin Democrats I spent time with last night. More on that tomorrow. Let’s get to it! 

  • In yesterday’s post I went over new polling showing Biden making meaningful gains including in new Fox News polling. In today’s 538 national poll average Biden has his first national lead this year; has gained 2.7 pts since early March; and in 538’s election forecast Biden is currently projected to win MI, PA, WI, NE-2 and win the election. The election is becoming bluer. It’s very encouraging stuff. 
  • We are entering a new phase of the campaign as over the next 10 weeks we will have 2 debates, the Trump sentencing, the two Conventions and who knows what else. We are now officially deep into the General Election, and need to be upping our intensity level and work. Lots of voters are checking in now, and collectively, we have to be as loud as we can be as they do. That’s why we’ve been working so hard to make June count (see below). Please sign up for volunteer shifts, make a few more donations, work your networks with good news. It’s show time everyone, and we have a bit of momentum now. 
  • A reminder that we’ve continued to have really good economic news in recent weeks. Inflation was ZERO in May. Prices did not rise and the price of many goods fell. The May jobs report was 50% higher than expected. The World Bank upped it global growth forecast because of the strength of the American economy. The Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow tracker has q2 GDP coming in at a very robust 3% Wage growth remains very strong. The stock market broke more records. Joe Biden has a been a very good President, the country is clearly better off and we need to be loud and proud about his successes every day. 
  • Three months before early voting begins I believe we are favored because we have a better candidate, better arguments and a far better campaign. Oh, and our guy ain’t a rapist, fraudster, traitor and a felon. Or a weird shade of burnt orange. Or buds with Putin. Or the guy who ended Roe. Or the ugliest political thing any of us has ever seen. 
  • Try to find some time this weekend to watch my new With Democrats, Things Get Better presentation. It will leave you with a little more pep in your Democratic step, as it is a 30 minute reflection on the greatness and goodness of this remarkable party we are all part of. Think of With Dems like a Hopium orientation. If you are new here, and want to go deeper into the world view driving our community, you should watch With Dems. I also did a sit down this week with Rick Wilson, Stuart Stevens and Joe Trippi of Resolute Square, and spoke to Molly Jong-Fast for her pod, Fast Politics. Both were terrific discussions. 


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  • Tues, June 25, 730pm ET – The monthly Zoom gathering of the entire Hopium Chronicles community – Register here. Excited to see everyone. So much to talk about! 
  • Sat, June 29 – I’ll be speaking in person at Network NOVA’s 8th Annual Women’s Summit in Tyson’s Corner, VA – More info, register. Hope to see DC area Hopium folks there! This is always a great event. 

Let’s Make June Count Everyone!!!!! – The new polls suggest June is turning out as we hoped, and we need to keep making June count everyone!

Learn more about the “Check and Checkmate” strategy driving our June campaign and recommendations. Watch our new interviews with Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane KleebJanelle Bynum (OR-5), George Whitesides (CA-27) and Kirsten Engel(AZ-06). Donate and volunteer below. Together, over the past month we’ve raised more than $525,000 for our candidates/state parties and have already blown past our original Winning The House goal of $300,000. Thank you all – it’s amazing stuff!!!!

Here’s where we are today, and here’s how you can help:

Thank you all! Our community of proud patriots and information warriors just keeps bringing it day after day after day. So inspired by your passion, grit, determination and willingness to leave it all out there on the playing field for this great country. As we discuss in the new With Dems presentation, when democracy calls Democrats answer, and that is what all of you are doing now – answering democracy’s call, powerfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My stretch goal is to get to 10,000 paid subscribers by June 30th. We are within range of hitting that target as we are over 9,525 today. These funds will put Hopium in a financial place to close out this election strong. Thanks to all of you who have stepped up and become a paid subscriber in recent days – you are making June count!

Keep working hard all. Proud to be in this fight with all of you – Simon

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