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2024 Michigan Dems Texting Portal Announcement

Voters Not Politicians Show How To Be Involved

Michigan’s elections ranked number two in the nation by the MIT Election Data and Science Lab [1]!

Michigan’s ranking for the 2022 midterm election climbed 29 spots from the last midterm election in 2018. It’s no surprise when you think of all the changes to our elections since 2018. Michiganders:

  • Ended partisan gerrymandering so voters could choose their politicians, not the other way around
  • Expanded voting rights including no-reason absentee voting, same-day voter registration, automatic voter registration, straight-ticket voting, and more

We saw even more positive changes to our elections in 2022 through people power, including early voting, a permanent absentee ballot list, and more. I know that through our state’s people power and the hard work of clerks and election officials, Michigan’s elections are more secure and accessible. 

We must keep up our work so we can continue to strengthen Michigan’s democracy and improve our election system so that all eligible voters can make their voices heard. 

Here are different ways you can join our people-powered movement to support our work:

  1. Sign up for Dial for Democracy to receive action alerts when critical legislation is in committee or headed to the floor for a vote. We’ll get you the information you need to contact your lawmakers effectively.
  2. Sign up to join our volunteer ranks here. As Legislative Liaison or Democracy Canvasser, you can be part of the volunteer army that makes Voters Not Politicians a pro-democracy powerhouse!
  3. Start a monthly contribution here to fuel the programs above and our voter outreach efforts throughout the year! Our contribution is critical and provides the necessary resources to invest in our people-powered movement. You can also make a one-time contribution here if a monthly commitment doesn’t work for you right now. 

I am so proud of the work we have done together and look forward to the work ahead. Together, we are accomplishing amazing things in Michigan!

Thank you,

Jamie Lyons-Eddy
Executive Director
Voters Not Politicians

Hi folks,

As we prepare for the upcoming 2024 elections, we have an exciting update on our texting program for chartered MDP units.

We’ve partnered with Movement Labs to create the Michigan Democrats Texting Portal. This portal will be your one-stop shop to send out texting campaigns during the 2024 election cycle.

Movement Labs, formerly Resistance Labs, is an organization that uses peer-to-peer texting to help grassroots organizing; with a focus on red states and rural areas. They currently administer Rural Power Labs (RPL), a rurally-focused experimental support program that partners with State and Local Democratic Parties to provide an additional layer of resources, training, and support for rural local Democratic Parties. 

All future texting requests for non-RPL counties will be directed to the Michigan Democrats Texting Portal. Any local unit that is signed up for texting with RPL should continue with the program for their texting needs.

You can view a recorded training on how the portal will work here. A live webinar demoing the new texting portal is planned on April 4th at 6pm. To sign up for the webinar, please register here:

If you have any questions about the new texting portal, please email and someone from our team will reach out. 

All the best,
MDP Texting Team

If you are interested in helping with the county elections contact the clerk in Roscommon and ask how you can help ensure a smooth and successful November Election. You can volunteer to work the polls. We need you. Some of our supporters have already taken this important step but we can use more of you to step up. Thanks 😊

Simon Rosenberg

Actions You Can Take Today As Here At Hopium We Do More, Worry Less – In our spirit of growth and expansion, we are encouraging members of the Hopium community to consider taking four actions now. A huge thank you to all of you who have donated or volunteered in recent weeks:

  • Elect Joe And Kamala, Beat Trump – Please donate to Biden-Harris today, join the campaign and start planning for what you will do to help them spread their message through your networks and win the core 7 battlegrounds AZ, GA, MI, NC, NV, PA, WI. Beating Trump is Job 1 this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Get Early Resources to North Carolina, Our Most Important 2024 Expansion State – Our number one Presidential battleground expansion opportunity this year is North Carolina, and I am encouraging the Hopium community to support the Democratic Party of North Carolina and its dynamic new chair, Anderson Clayton. Watch my recent interview with Anderson and learn how to donate and volunteer here. Help us turn Carolina blue!
  • Spread Hopium – Help me bring Hopium to more people this year. Our goal is to get to 50,000 total subscribers by March 31st (we are at 35,000 today). Please encourage others in your network to sign up and become part of this wonderful community of proud patriots and info warriors today!

Fellow Democrats and Independents

We need your support locally to build the Roscommon Democratic Party and to help fulfill our mission that focuses on helping people not monied interests.

You can help by volunteering, attending meetings and events, and by contributing a few bucks to help keep the website going and allowing us to keep reaching out to our community. There are many who value the same things we do and who vote Democratic in elections but who aren’t members. We want to keep them informed and welcome them in as we pursue progressive policiesthat benefit us all.

You can easily contribute by googling ActBlue, setting up an account, and make a small donation to our efforts. Donate to Roscommon Democratic Party. We don’t collect dues or call and put pressure on supporters to provide cash. ActBlue is an easy way to help. You can make a one time contribution or set up a monthly contribution on ActBlue.

The other way to donate is to come to a monthly meeting or any of the events we sponsor and make a donation by check.


We appreciate any and all of your efforts to extend our reach and help our families, friends, and neighbors.