Call To Action – Something You Can Do Now

Fellow Democrats and Independents

We need your support locally to build the Roscommon Democratic Party and to help fulfill our mission that focuses on helping people not monied interests.

You can help by volunteering, attending meetings and events, and by contributing a few bucks to help keep the website going and allowing us to keep reaching out to our community. There are many who value the same things we do and who vote Democratic in elections but who aren’t members. We want to keep them informed and welcome them in as we pursue progressive policies that benefit us all.

You can easily contribute by googling ActBlue, setting up an account, and make a small donation to our efforts. Donate to Roscommon Democratic Party. We don’t collect dues or call and put pressure on supporters to provide cash. ActBlue is an easy way to help. You can make a one time contribution or set up a monthly contribution on ActBlue.

The other way to donate is to come to a monthly meeting or any of the events we sponsor and make a donation by check.


We appreciate any and all of your efforts to extend our reach and help our families, friends, and neighbors.

Did you hear the news?

Voters Not Politicians – ACTION

The Center for American Progress released a report highlighting the source of Michiganders’ renewed trust in state government: you.

According to the report titled, “How Michigan Became a Blueprint for Strengthening Democracy,” citizen-initiated ballot measures were the driving force that made Michigan the model for a stronger democracy. 

Thanks to democracy champions like you, Michigan voters approved constitutional amendments that ended partisan gerrymandering to pave the way for fair maps through Proposal 18-2 and increased voter turnout and registration rates by expanding voting options through Proposals 18-3 and 22-2.

Our ability as voters to use citizen-initiated ballot measures is a form of direct democracy and proves that we, the people, hold the political power in Michigan. And thanks to you, we’re wielding that power and transforming our state for the better.

Our work is far from over though, Steven. Not only do we still have critical issues to fix, like our state’s broken campaign finance system that allows foreign-owned corporations to influence our elections, but we need to continue to serve as the model for what is possible when the people take charge.

Voters Not Politicians is building our movement to use our people-power to strengthen democracy in Michigan. Will you join us today and make a contribution to fuel our critical work?


You can read the full report here.

Thank you for standing with us,

Jamie Lyons-Eddy
Deputy Director
Voters Not Politicians