Please Contribute

If you are willing and able we would love to have you contribute to our efforts my making a financial contribution to help us in the work we do for our local, county, state, and national election efforts. Your may contribute through sending a check or by cash at our public meetings and events. A required form is required so we can ensure that all laws are followed regarding public contributions. Another way is available through the website ActBlue. A description of contributing through ActBlue is listed below. We are always thankful for the contributions of our supporters to help us ensure that we all have our voices heard in the democracy we are determined to protect.
Using ActBlue to contribute:
1. Google ActBlue
2. Click on the: Find a candidate or cause
3. Type in: Roscommon County Democratic Party in the Find a candidate or cause space
4. If you have used the ActBlue service before you can just fill in the email and password you used before when you set up the service. All necessary information was included at that time.
5. If you are using the ActBlue service for the first time it will be necessary for you to create an account. Go down to the: Create an account where you will fill in the necessary information. Creating an account will allow you to make it easier to make a donation in the future to this and other candidates or causes that you find worthwhile.
6. Once you have established an account you can log in and make the contribution by clicking on the amount you wish to donate. There is a space for you to type in another amount if desired. Make sure you either click on the Yes, count me in monthly or No, donate once.
7. The donation will be received by our treasurer and deposited in our back account which we are bound legally to use for party expenses and for helping candidates in elections. Records must be kept of all income and expenses.