Mission Statement

Hi all,
We are the Roscommon Democratic Party and we stand for full citizen participation in our democratic process without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, gender, or age. We think of ourselves as a big tent that includes everyone in our progressive vision for America, the country we love. We reject authoritarianism and control of the government by special interests that use government to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. We support policies that reflect the values of our democratic republic such as protecting the civil rights of all as well as ensuring that economic opportunity, social acceptability, and criminal justice is available to all current and future citizens.
If you agree that these values are yours, please join us. There is a contact information page in this website. You can find it in the menu. Fill it out and we will welcome you to the team.
We don’t all have the same views on everything. We actually believe in allowing differing positions on various issues and that discussions should be civil and not pushed in one way or another based on our ingrained biases. You will NOT be condemned for espousing a view. It will be considered and the principle of majority rule/minority rights will be applied when we vote on recommendations and candidate endorsements.
We are a welcoming community that will be helpful and civil to all. JOIN US